Assortments update: July 6, 2023

In this release, we’re introducing a new Targets feature in assortments for configured retailers. We’ve also included SMUs in the UPC import/export options, added an option to collapse merchant-saved views, and expanded the Tile View configuration from four to eight schema fields!

Targets in assortments

For retailers that are configured with the new Targets feature in assortments, you can now create, manage, and view complex targets directly within an assortment to help guide your planning and avoid inefficiencies and errors when referencing offline spreadsheets.

This new feature replaces the existing Plan feature. You can build and manage multiple targets per assortments by choosing metrics and target types, then copying and pasting (or manually entering) entire spreadsheets directly into the Manage Targets grid.

For more information, see Targets in assortments.


Self-service dataflow for Brands

Dataflow mapping and reprocessing is now a self-service feature for your brands, allowing for a quicker and more efficient process when they need to reprocess/sync product data.


UPC import/export for SMUs

The UPC import and UPC export features can now be used with Special Make-Up (SMU) products. In the exported template, the Size column is populated for all products:

  • Real vendor products will use Vendor Sizes.
  • SMU products will use Selected Sizes.

For more information, see Upload UPCs into assortments.

Merchandising while grouped or filtered in Tile View

While working in Tile View, we’ve given you the same merchandising functionality as Grid View, where you can now drag and drop products in the order you’d like when a grouping or filter is applied.


Merchant-saved views collapse into accordion

Users can now collapse and expand Merchant-level saved views, helping keep the Views list clean and organized.

For more information, see Merchant-level saved views.

Expand Tile View configuration from four to eight fields

You can now configure your Tile View of your assortment to display up to eight data fields of your choice, allowing you to view more data for each product tile.

For more information, see Customizing visible product metrics in Tile View.



Contact our Support team for help or feedback on any of these new features.

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