Assortments update: May 9, 2023

In this release, we're giving you the ability to see permission levels for shared items in the Drive and copy and paste items from older versions of assortments. We also made enhancements to sorting doors and the assortments menu. 

View permission levels for shared items in the Drive

In the list view of the Drive, you can now see your permission levels (Organizer, File Organizer, Writer, Reader) for each item shared with you, including folders, assortments, and rollups. The Permission column will also be visible to any brand users you share an assortment with.


Improved sorting for grouped Doors

When you group by Doors and sort the Group column, your groups will now sort based on your retailer’s default door setup, rather than A-Z.


Condensed menu in assortments

To improve the user experience within assortments as our feature set has grown, we condensed the kebab menu in the upper-right corner of assortments. When you select the kebab menu, you’ll now see a list of top-level options, with sub-menus under certain related actions such as Manage Sizes and Export Errors/Logs.


Copy deleted products in assortments from Version History

If you delete products in an assortment and need to recover them, you can now go to the assortment’s Version History and copy the products you deleted, then paste them into the current version of the assortment or a new assortment altogether.



Contact our Support team for help or feedback on any of these new features.

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