Assortments update: March 28, 2023

In this release, we’re giving buyers who work with sizes in NuORDER the ability to upload UPCs into assortments!

Upload UPCs into assortments

For buyers that allow editing of size-level data, you can now export UPC data to get the template and then upload newly populated UPCs to assortments via the Manage UPCs option in the assortment menu. This feature helps move your buy downstream without having to wait for brands to provide UPCs, and also lessens the margin of error during manual entry.

For more information, see Upload UPCs into assortments.


Copy an older version of an assortment from the version history

You can now copy an older version of your assortment directly from the Version History log. This helps you save time and the frustration of recreating an old assortment you may need when you need to view a previous version.



Contact our Support team for help or feedback on any of these new features.

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