Assortments update: February 23, 2023

In this release, we’ve made improvements to the New Assortment modal and sharing assortments and rollups, as well as some other usability enhancements!

Assortment Name and renamed Assortment Type options

In the New Assortment modal, we’ve added an Assortment Name field, letting you name your assortment when you create it.

We’ve also renamed the Assortment Type options for better clarity:

  • Multi Brand (previously Internal) - Work with your internal teams only.
  • Single Brand (previously External) - Option to share externally with the brand


Show user email address in Manage Access modal

When sharing an assortment or rollup, in lieu of seeing only the names of users, you can now see their name and email address in the Manage Access modal, providing clarity for which specific user you’re sharing the assortment or rollup with. Pikes_Peak_Retail_Release_Content_Img1.png

Export rollups with Door and Delivery filters

When you export a rollup with Filtered Rows Only, the export will now reflect any Door or Delivery filters applied, including the new Door Attributes filter. Pikes_Peak_Retail_Release_Content_Img4.png

Modify rollup settings within the rollup

Buyers no longer need to return to the Drive page to modify rollup settings! You can now modify the rollup name or the selection of assortments with the new Edit Rollup option in the kabob menu in the upper-right corner.


Drag and drop items into My Drive folders

To help you keep your My Drive organized, you can now drag and drop assortments and rollups into folders! Pikes_Peak_Retail_Release_Content_Img2.gif

See full brand names in Shop area

In the Shop area of an assortment, you can now see the full name of brands, even if the brand name is long. If the brand name is too long to fit under a tile, hover your mouse over it to display a tooltip with the full brand name.



Contact our Support team for help or feedback on any of these new features.

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