Assortments update: December 1, 2022

In this release, we’ve made improvements to shared assortments with editable UDA field names, and we’re giving you the ability to import custom door attributes into assortments via a spreadsheet!

Edit UDA field names in assortments

In an assortment, buyers can now edit User-Defined Attribute (UDA) field names to be descriptive of the business-specific data they enter in a column. In doing so, collaborative users in the shared assortment will also see the new field name when they open the assortment. This easily clarifies the intention of each field and helps avoid having to rely on offline communication to articulate their purpose. The updated field name also applies in rollups to any UDA fields that have been adjusted within their underlying assortments.

For more information, see User-defined attribute (UDA) fields


Import door attributes into assortments via Excel template

Users can now configure doors and door grouping attributes in their assortment by uploading an Excel file, helping to avoid manually adding individual attributes.

Using the import, you can:

  • Turn doors on/off.
  • Add new custom attributes.
  • Modify values on existing attributes (if editable).

For more information, see Doors overview


Integration export updates

A few usability enhancements have been made to the integration feature set to help you keep track of your exports. Integration export columns, such as Item Export and PO Export, now display a timestamp of the latest export instead of a generic Sent status. The Export Log also contains a summary at the top to track the number of exports from the assortment. For retailers that have the Create or Update option, it will also track the number of each type selected.


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