Assortments update: November 3, 2022

In this release, we've made multiple improvements to the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), including an upgrade to the Assortment Settings window, improved assortment field lookups, copying assortments directly from the Drive list, and more!

Assortment Settings upgrade

To help buyers find the right department assignments, we’ve improved the functionality of this field in the Assortment Settings form. Instead of the freeform Department # field, you will see a lookup for your retailer’s specific buying department codes and/or descriptions. Depending on your retailer, you may see one or two fields here, labeled as they are in your assortment grid. If you have two (name and number), the name will auto-populate once you’ve made your selection in the first field.


Assortment field lookups auto-populate when there’s a single lookup result

Lookups within assortment fields have now been streamlined with auto-population! For schema fields that are set up with this new configuration, if your lookup results in just one option for selection, we will auto-select that option for you so you no longer need to update the field yourself. For example, if you populate your Department # field and there is only one associated Vendor # within that department, we’ll fill in your Vendor # for you.


Copy assortments directly from the Drive list

You no longer need to open an assortment to copy it! You can now copy an assortment directly from the Drive page by right-clicking an assortment in the list and selecting Copy Assortment


Manage user permissions to rollups from within the rollup

Easily share a rollup without having to navigate back to the Drive view by selecting Manage Access from within the rollup.


Manually entered dates automatically default to the future

To save you time when entering dates in assortments, dates automatically default to the next future occurrence when you enter in MM/DD format. If you need to enter a date in the past, simply include the year (MM/DD/YYYY) or select from the calendar picker.



Contact our Support team for help or feedback on any of these new features.

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