Assortments update: October 6, 2022

In this release, we’ve added the Assortments Settings form and included some usability enhancements!

Use Assortment Settings to keep track of market appointments

Buyers and brands can now fill out an Assortments Settings form within external assortments to note key information about the upcoming buying appointment. This form is our first feature introducing market appointment tracking into the platform, and includes Department #, Market Date, Order Due Date, Brand Contact, and Market Status


Attributes with zero doors no longer display in Grid View

To improve usability and keep a clean Grid View in both assortments and rollups, nested layers of groupings that have zero doors no longer display in the grid.

Additional updates to Attributes and Metrics

For retailers that are configured with the new Doors UI, we’ve made some enhancements to improve usability:

  • For easy, one-click access, we moved the Show door labels option into a label icon on the Doors subtab, and the Edit door groupings modal into a pencil icon on the Attributes subtab.
  • For retailers configured with Metrics, those selections (active, the order, the level toggles, and the Totals row) can now be included in Saved Views.
  • To keep the list of Custom Attribute values up-to-date, inactive values are removed from the dropdown and the Doors panel.
  • All Door columns autosize based on the column name length to minimize the need for manual expanding and adjusting.
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