Assortments update: August 18, 2022

Release notes

In this release, we’ve made enhancements to door groupings in both assortments and rollups!

Note: Your retailer must be configured for the new Doors UI and functionality before it will appear in your assortments.

Turn on multiple door attributes in assortments and rollups

As an improvement to the new Doors UI in both assortments and rollups, buyers can now turn on multiple door attributes at once to view and write units within nested groupings, making sure the right product is aligned. You can also drag and drop these attributes and their values to rearrange and re-order them to configure your view in a way that makes sense for your assortment planning process. 

For more information, see Doors overview


Include dimensions and attributes in Saved Views

When you configure your view to show only selected deliveries and/or doors, as well as specific attributes and values within those groups, you can now save those selections within a Saved View to revisit at a later time.

Select deliveries when creating an assortment

In the Create Assortment modal, you’ll now be asked to select the deliveries you want in your assortment, instead of all of them being selected by default. This helps keep your assortment clean and relevant by only showing the deliveries that you really need.



Contact our Support team for help or feedback on any of these new features.

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