Assortments update: June 30, 2022

In this release, we’re excited to announce major User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) improvements to Doors in both assortments and rollups! We’ve also added the ability to delete Drive items in bulk. 

Note: Your retailer must be configured for the new Doors UI and functionality before it will appear in your assortments. 

New doors UI in assortments

We’ve made significant enhancements to the Doors feature in assortments. While the Doors icon remains in the top menu bar, you can now find a Doors option as a tab in the sidebar menu along with Columns, Filters, Sort, etc. This Doors tab gives you much more functionality and the ability to configure and work with doors and groupings while still viewing your grid, including letting you turn doors on or off, choose doors by delivery, and turn on attributes and individual values within an assortment.


For more information, see Doors overview

Custom door groupings in assortments

You can also add new custom door groupings in your assortment, allowing you to add and edit values however you’d like. Custom door groupings display a User tag next to the group name so you can easily find user-created door groupings. 

This level of customization for door groupings helps you refine your assortment planning by allowing you to use business-specific attributes in addition to those defined by your merchant. 


For more information, see Doors overview.

New doors UI and door groupings in rollups

We’ve taken the new doors UI in assortments and also applied it to rollups! With the new UI, you can now group your doors in rollups just like you can in assortments! Using the new Doors tab in the sidebar, you can view your door and deliveries, along with attributes. 

You can choose from your merchant-defined groupings, as well as all custom attributes from individual assortments to apply door groupings to the entire rollup.  You can see the assortment that each custom group came from so that you can differentiate between user-defined groups with the same name. 

Note: While this new UI is available in rollups, remember that rollups are view-only. To set up a new grouping to use in the rollup, you’ll need to add it to an assortment first.


Delete multiple items in your Drive

To save you time when cleaning up your Drive, you can now select and delete multiple assortments, whiteboards, rollups or folders from the Drive list and use a bulk action to delete the selected items. When you delete the items, they’ll move to the trash of their Drive owner.


For more information, see Delete and restore file in the Drive


Contact our Support team for help or feedback on any of these new features!

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