Brand update: August 22, 2023

In this release, we added improvements to orders and Linesheets, as well as introduced Assortments for Brands.

Lock in all locations combined

Brands can configure an Order Type to prevent buyers from specifying quantities by location on orders; instead, units are entered for All Locations Combined.

Note: Brands can contact Support to activate this feature.

Order Type.

For more information, see:

Tap into discounts with EZ Orders

Discount details (promotional, company, or order) now appear on placed EZ Orders, so buyers know exactly how much they saved with the brand’s tailored recommendations.

EZ Order.

For more information, see:

Optimized Linesheets

Linesheets are now optimized, allowing users to scroll through Linesheets faster than ever, even if there are 50,000 products.

Note: Brands can contact their Account Manager to activate this feature.

Use Assortments to plan orders for your own retail locations

For brands who plan product orders for their own stores, NuORDER introduced Assortments for Brands, a collaborative tool for visualizing, merchandising and planning assortments across multiple deliveries and store locations to deliver the right product at the right time in the right place. Use this tool to conduct visual style outs, automate and streamline preseason allocation planning, localize assortments by store and region, collaborate with teams in a live environment, and more.

Note: Contact your Account Manager to explore Assortments for Brands.

Additional improvements and fixes


  • Fixed an issue causing the Inventory Arriving table to display on the PDP for all products, regardless of inventory availability.
  • Fixed an issue in the Sizing View of the Working Order causing products with size groups to lose units and delivery windows.
  • Fixed an issue causing an overridden line item price to not save in the Working Order.
  • Fixed a reporting issue causing the Images column in some reports to not show images.
  • Fixed an issue causing buyers to not be able to accept the Terms and Conditions in NuORDER.
  • Added a warning message, letting brands know that archiving all companies deletes associated buyer users.
  • Fixed an issue causing PDFs to show different pricing than what was displayed in the Order overview.
  • Fixed an issue causing a gray screen after closing the Edit company modal.
  • Fixed an issue causing EZ order emails to show a product’s default price, even if a line item discount was applied.
  • Fixed an issue causing custom surcharge labels to not display in the cart when the Start Order brand setting was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue causing Prebook products to display as Future (by default) in Prebook-only linesheets.
  • Fixed an issue where the expanded search functionality would not persist in the browser when navigating to a different page then to Browse Products.
  • Fixed an issue where linesheets created from a custom list with only one allowed customer group were displayed with all customer groups in the linesheet.
  • Fixed an issue in the bulk order custom export causing the Summary tab to show incorrect values in the Total Units and Order Total cells.
  • Fixed an issue in Linesheet PDFs where the negative inventory was displayed as 0, even when the view negative inventory permission was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue causing linesheet export to not respect product visibility restrictions.
  • Fixed an issue where EZ Order quantity amounts were correctly corresponding to Order Min Max Rules.
  • Fixed the broken links to the Help Center in the Brand and Buyer welcome emails.
  • Fixed an issue causing campaign emails to display pricesheet wholesale price in the wrong currency.
  • Fixed an issue on the Order Details page where the Company name was displaying in the Buyer field instead of the Buyer name.
Advanced Pricing

  • Fixed an issue where the currency warning banner would not display on a product tile when pricing was not showing for the selected currency.
  • Fixed an issue causing an error when adding product schema fields when Advanced Pricing was enabled.
GOA buyers

  • Fixed an issue in the Grid View of the Working Order causing the Select shipments with units option to become selected along with the Select All option.
  • Fixed an issue in the Grid View of the Working Order where the Change View mode wouldn’t open if filters were applied.
  • Fixed an issue in the Grid View of the Working Order causing a search or sort to remain applied after the cart was cleared.
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