Brand update: July 25, 2023

In this release, we made enhancements to the buyer experience and introduced retailer price mapping as a self-service feature for brands. We also made improvements to orders and linesheets.

Buyer experience enhancements

Retailers can locate brands even easier with category links to the NuORDER Marketplace directly from the Buyer Dashboard. Also, new buyers are welcomed with an expanded Get Started checklist, so they have the key knowledge they need to make connections, explore products, place orders, and more.

Category links on buyer dashboard.

For more information, see Buyer dashboard (aka Merchant dashboard).

Customize pricing for your retailers

Dataflow price mapping is now a self-service feature for brands! With the Manage data sync admin page, brands can map or update wholesale price sources and add discounts.

Price mapping.

For more information, see Customize dataflow mapping for your retailers.

Order updates

We’ve added clarity to discount pricing on orders. When reviewing an order (from the Order Details page, PDF, or email), the Price Adjustments menu includes a list of Item Discounts for Promotions and other Discounts (company or manual).

Order details.

For more information, see Orders page overview.

Brands can activate a feature that prevents the ability to select multiple addresses when editing a Split Order generated by a Bulk Order. If activated, when editing the Split Order, you can adjust quantities and choose another location (from the list of addresses in the initial Bulk Order), but you can only select one location, preventing the generation of additional Split Orders

Note: Contact Support to activate this feature.  

For more information, see Order splitting.

New checkout experience

Brands using Lightspeed Payments can activate a new checkout experience, which expands the Working Order’s Checkout into a full page view.

Checkout view.

Optimized Linesheets

We’re building an optimized experience which allows users to scroll through Linesheets faster than ever, even if there are 50,000 products.

Additional improvements and fixes


  • Fixed an issue for brands with “new checkout” preference enabled, where users were getting stuck on “Please wait while we submit your order” messaging after editing an order.
  • Fixed an issue causing an inability to submit Draft Orders for some brands.
  • Fixed an issue causing an inability to right-click and copy values in tables/grids within the platform.
  • Fixed an issue causing the manual discount of a split order to be removed after editing the quantity of a split order.
  • Fixed an issue causing image URL integration to fail with the error message “More than one image for one position.”
  • Fixed an issue causing the Order Details page to overlap when the Price per pack price was too large.
  • Fixed an issue causing the promotional currency to reset to the alphabetical top when it’s opened to edit.
  • Fixed an issue causing buyers to be unable to view all inventory for all sizes.
  • Fixed an issue causing no company to be selected in the Start Order window for buyers who have a single multi-currency company.
  • Fixed an issue causing prices to export incorrectly in the Order PDF.
  • Fixed an issue causing an inability to Submit EZ Orders for bulk ordering due to “missing quantities for products.”
  • Fixed an issue causing the shipping address to display in the order details and Order PDF of a Sales Contract order type.
  • Fixed an issue causing groups marked as “Exclude this group from all Catalogs” to still be checked in new linesheets and custom lists.
  • Fixed an issue for some brands causing some order canceling to fail.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Deliveries filter to not display inside of a linesheet for Admins.
  • Fixed an issue in EZ Orders causing incorrect total calculations and skipped line items.
  • Fixed an issue in bulk orders causing inventory to display incorrectly for products with size groups.
  • Fixed an issue causing the surcharge to not be calculated if an EZ Order was sent as linesheet campaign.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Total amount to show in a split order instead of the Subtotal amount after the quantity is changed in any subtotal.
  • Fixed an issue causing shipment dates to not be created if a later shipment already exists and "enforce available until" preference is disabled.
  • Fixed an issue causing drag and drop functionality on the Linesheets page to not work on touchscreen machines.
GOA buyers

  • Fixed an issue in the Grid View of the Working Order causing inventory values to not display after adding a new product via Quick Add.
  • Fixed an issue in the Grid View of the Working Order causing inventory values to not display on the grid if each size had negative inventory.

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