Brand update: July 6, 2023

In this release, we made dataflow resyncing a self-service feature for brands, as well as enhanced password criteria, reporting, ordering, Customizations, order confirmation terms and conditions, inventory management, and the buyer dashboard.

Manage retailer dataflow resyncing

Dataflow resyncing is now a self-service feature for brands. Admins can now directly reprocess your brand’s data sync to all connected retailers with the new Brand Admin page, Manage data sync. Consider doing a resync after making product updates (examples: SKU or UPC updates) to ensure those changes are pushed to retailer assortments.

Manage data sync.

For more information, see Dataflow mapping for retailers

Password criteria

When logging into NuORDER, some users may receive an alert, asking them to update their password, so it’s aligned with our enhanced password criteria.

For more information, see Log in to NuORDER, and Edit your profile.

Reporting updates

Merchant data dashboards (beta)

In connection with Lightspeed Retail (POS), NuORDER is introducing reporting dashboards with helpful insights into merchant/retailer data, including comprehensive overviews of sell-through and low inventory data.

Note: These reporting tools are currently in private beta and only available for Admins and Sales Managers at select brands.

Dashbaord charts.

For more information, see Reporting dashboards (beta).

Reporting gets a facelift

Tap into Custom and One-click Reports with the elegance you’ve come to expect in NuORDER. Select Reporting from the left navigation menu to start using the newly streamlined user interface.


For more information, see Custom reports and One-click reports.

Ordering upgrades

Promotions on Split Orders

Split Orders are now unified with Promotions. After editing a Split Order, any promotional discounts remain if the Promotion still qualifies. You can even split a Split Order and the Promotion still determines eligibility based on the full group of orders.

For more information, see Promotions on Split Orders.

No more double entries

If you’ve ever inadvertently double clicked the Add to Cart button, which doubled the intended amount of products in the Working Order, then this update is for you. If the brand is configured to show order quantities in the Product Details page, then after you select Add to Order, this button and the sizing table become temporarily inactive, while the entered information is added to the Working Order.

Add to order.

For more information, see Add products to your cart.

Customizations enhancements

Customizations allow you to offer products with adjustable options, such as embroidering text on a backpack, specifying the color of a shirt and its collar, etc. With this feature, you can now include customization details on products and refine visibility of customization options, depending on the buyer’s selections.

Note: Contact your Account Manager if you’re interested in adding the Customizations package.

For more information, see Product customizations.

Order confirmation terms and conditions

If you need to use different terms and conditions for select companies or for a variety of countries, then you can now assign terms and conditions files to companies with the Company Data template or API. Also, when managing terms and conditions files, we introduced the Associated Company column, which provides the number of companies assigned to the terms and conditions file.

Note: Contact Support to activate order confirmation terms and conditions.

Order confirmation terms and conditions.

For more information, see Order confirmation terms and conditions.

Enhanced inventory management 

The Inventory Management feature now includes the option to default product visibility to only those products (and colorways) available in the Warehouse selected on the Working Order. You can now manage a Linesheet’s assigned Warehouse(s) with an export and import. Also, a Custom List created from a Linesheet now carries over the assigned Warehouse.

For more information, see Inventory management and Linesheet imports and exports.

Buyer experience enhancements

For all buyers, we’ve added a welcome message and links to helpful articles at the footer of the Buyer Dashboard. For new buyer users, the Buyer Dashboard now offers a couple initial tasks to get started in NuORDER.

Buyer Dashboard.

For more information, see Buyer dashboard.

Additional improvements and fixes

Expand each section to learn more. 


  • Fixed an issue causing the immediate delivery window on Product Details Page (PDP) to display on prebook-only lineseheets and custom lists when browsing the web version of NuORDER from iOS/Chrome.
  • Fixed an issue causing users to not be able to update catalogs with a selected warehouse, resulting in a 400 error.
  • In Order Export Templates, the Excel export allowed for editing when the “locked” setting was enabled. This issue was fixed, and the “locked” setting, when enabled, now protects the export from being edited.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the signed orders permission in the Order Confirmation feature to be enabled if the Brand had custom roles.
  • Fixed an issue causing the “Minimum Length of Ship Window” Delivery Window value on the PDP to not be respected.
  • Fixed an issue causing products to be duplicated in the Working Order when a user clicked the Update Order button.
  • Fixed an issue in linesheets causing top-level filters to not display to buyers.
  • Fixed an issue causing the PDP to display incorrect date based pricing after adding products to the cart.
  • Fixed an issue causing users to not be able to save an empty video widget.
  • Fixed an issue in Image Settings that was causing the page to freeze after changing an image ruleset from Standardizes naming to Custom naming.
  • Fixed an issue in the Products tab of the Working Order causing an error to throw when manually adding an item-level discount on a bulk order.
  • Fixed an issue causing total units to not update properly with units per pack.
  • Fixed an issue on the Contacts page causing the company header to not appear at the top of the page when users would click the last company row.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Vertical Multiple Deliveries export in the Working Order to not calculate the total price correctly.
  • Fixed an issue causing the system to not display the error message when a user selects the 'Validate' button if the 'Order Min Max Rules' is configured to a specific customer.
  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect “Created by” dates to display in Smart Groups.
  • Fixed an issue on bulk orders in the Working Order, where the Summary tab wouldn’t display Total Units and put Order Total into a wrong cell (Total units).
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the Send EZ Order button retained the original order in the Order list.
  • Removed the “Link your Instagram Feed” button from the brand page.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing linesheet hero images to not display responsively, resulting in cropping the image incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue causing the order export to return the product data Wholesale and Retail values instead of the prices in the pricesheet data assigned to the user.
  • Fixed an issue in Sites Manager that was automatically adding “https” in front of “mail to” email links, causing it to not open the email application.
  • Fixed an issue causing colorways/swatched to be incorrectly aligned in the PDP “Available colors” carousel.
  • Fixed an issue where, when a company is selected in the cart, “Quick Add” was returning products that were not available for the selected retailer.
  • Fixed an issue that wasn’t allowing users to submit bulk orders if shipping code was required and company address provides the code.
  • Fixed an issue causing HTML code to display in product details of the Tech PDF download.
  • Fixed an issue that improved the resolution quality of PDF logos.
GOA buyers

  • In the Grid View of the Working Order, Filtered totals were still showing all products after selecting “Select shipments with units” filter option. This issue was fixed, and the Filtered totals now shows only the number of products left on the grid after filtering.
  • Fixed an issue in the Grid View of the Working Order that was causing the Shipment rows to not be expanded by default.
  • Fixed an issue where, when adding product units to products with different shipments, a 0 value was briefly shown inside the cell before changing to the entered value or sometimes staying at 0.
Lightspeed Retails POS (R-Series) integration

  • Previously, if a brand had removed a product variant (for example, a single UPC) from their catalog following an order being purchased, buyers who had an integrated NuORDER and POS system couldn’t complete a PO sync to their POS. This issue was fixed, and buyers can now sync purchase orders to their POS without failure due to missing product variants.
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