Reporting dashboards (beta)

Note: These reporting tools are currently in private beta only for select customers.

In connection with Lightspeed Retail (POS), NuORDER offers reporting dashboards with insights into merchant/retailer data.

Access reporting dashboards

From the left navigation menu, go to Reporting and select a dashboard.

  • Sell-through dashboard: View sell-through data from Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series) merchants.
  • Low inventory: View low inventory data from Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series) merchants.


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Sell-through dashboard

The Sell-through dashboard displays sell-through data from US-based Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series) merchants. The information provided offers a high-level overview for gaining insights and identifying trends.

The dashboard does not encompass all data points. For example, the product data is limited to only items with a valid UPC and, in some cases, merchant data may be excluded based on who agreed to share their data.

Use the dropdown menu in the upper-left corner to choose a timeframe for the data points.

Sell-through dashboard.

The graphs at the top of the dashboard offer key values and visual snapshots, based on the selected timeframe.

Note: The Items sold by top 10 merchants: Only displays merchants who agreed to share their data and who are connected to your brand; therefore, less than 10 merchants may be displayed or some connected merchants may not make the top 10.


Review the line graphs for insights into items sold and revenue.

Line graphs.

In the tables, the product information is pulled from NuORDER, while the merchant data is pulled from Lightspeed Retail (POS).

Table Description
Merchant level sell-through table Product sell-through data for the merchants who agreed to share their data.
Summary of sell-through by UPC Product sell-through data sorted by UPC.
Summary of sell-through by style Product sell-through, grouped by Style number.
Summary of sell-through by category Product sell-through, grouped by Category.
Summary of sell-through by state Product sell-through, grouped by State.


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Low inventory dashboard

This dashboard offers potential replenishment opportunities, displaying products with a valid UPC and 12 or fewer weeks of supply at US-based Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series) merchants who agreed to share their data. Data is refreshed every Sunday.

Low Inventory.

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