Brand update: May 2023

In this release, we introduced Order Confirmations, as well as enhanced contact management, customizations, inventory management, and Payments.

Order confirmations with signed terms and conditions tracking

Need unique order terms and conditions for companies and the ability to track when they’re signed? Introducing the Order Confirmations feature, which allows brands to manage multiple order terms and conditions files, which are assigned at the company level and tracked as signed on orders. Consider including terms and conditions for different regions, languages, or companies with unique requirements.

Note: Contact Support to activate Order Confirmations.

Order settings.


For more information, see Order confirmation terms and conditions.

Create buyer enhancement

To streamline the contact management experience, the Create Buyer form in Contacts now matches the same form in Connection Requests.

Create buyer

For more information, see Manage contacts.

Streamlined Customizations

For Customizable products, we organized the available images into two tabs, separated by company images and brand images. When setting up customizations, we also gave brands the option to limit the number of customizations on a product.

Note: Contact your Account Manager if you’re interested in adding the Customizations package.


For more information, see Product customizations and Ordering with product customizations.

Improved inventory management experience

The Inventory Management feature just got an upgrade! Cloned Linesheets and Custom Lists now retain the assigned Warehouse(s). Also, the Quick Add option now hides products not in the Working Order’s assigned Warehouse.

Note: Contact Support to activate the Inventory Management feature.

For more information, see Inventory management.

Refined refund dates

You can now limit the number of days within which a refund can be issued following a payment (examples: 60 or 90 days). Based on this restriction and the date the payment was made, the Payments screen displays the last day a refund can be issued.

Note: You must have Lightspeed Payments, NuORDER Payments, or Bring your own processor to use this feature. Contact your Account Manager if you’re interested in the Payments package.


For more information, see How to issue a refund.

Additional improvements and fixes


  • Fixed an issue that showed incorrect values for Total Units in the Order PDF for bulk orders.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Order PDF to always show the Surcharge as “Etx. Tax”, even when the user changed it.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Bulk Search button on the Orders page to not work when pressing Enter.
  • Fixed issues causing inconsistencies in the Product pipeline, affecting Price Sheets integration, for certain brands.
  • Fixed an issue for a certain brand that caused double charges to be allowed, resulting in negative balances.
  • Fixed an issue surrounding vertical format export functionality with Advanced Pricing enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that wasn’t allowing 100% discount in Promotions, resulting in an error message and prevention of submitting the order.
  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect sorting for half sizes for some brands.
  • Fixed an issue that showed two scrollbars when adding products into a custom list from the Product gallery.
  • Fixed an issue causing brands to be unable to discount a line item 100% when strikethrough pricing is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue causing the date fields to show up as a timestand in the Working Order and Product gallery.
  • Fixed an issue causing ATS Inventory Export data to show the wrong quantities.
  • Fixed an issue causing an Order Export to fail after the cart was reloaded.
  • Fixed an issue causing company-level surcharges to be ignored when set by a Sales Rep.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Total Amount to show incorrectly when updating unit numbers when certain pricing scripts are enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that caused color swatches to not display in Tech PDFs.
  • Fixed an issue where the inventory filter in Linesheets would close after entering a value.
  • Fixed an issue causing Order PDFs to not correctly reflect a $0.00 product price that are sent through the order creation integration.
  • Fixed an issue in the Linesheets PDF causing default currency to display when another currency is selected.
  • Fixed an issue causing the CSV download button in received emails to not work correctly.
  • Fixed an issue causing the original order to display in the UI after an Order Split has occurred.
  • Fixed an issue causing horizontal product data files to shift values.
  • Fixed an issue causing product order banners to not display in order emails or order PDFs.
  • Fixed an issue causing sizes that start with 0 in bulk orders to be highlighted in red when adding units.
  • Fixed an issue causing unselected orders to change statuses.
Grassroots Outdoor Alliance (GOA) Buyers

  • Fixed an issue that didn’t allow editing shipments with “today’s date” in the old PDP.
  • Fixed an issue in the Grid View of the Working Order that caused products to be duplicated after adding units.
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