Ordering products with customizations

Customizations allow you to personalize select products, based on the options provided by the brand. Consider customizable products the next time you plan an event or you want to promote your company.

Customizable products

Products that offer customizations display a Customizable banner in the lower-right corner of the product’s main image. Target your search to only customizable products with the Product Gallery’s Customization filter.

Customizable products.

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Customization options

To configure a customizable product, select the product image and then click the Customize button.

Each customizable product offers its own set of options set by the brand (examples: embroidering text on a backpack, specifying the color of a shirt and its collar, etc.).

In the provided example, we can print an image to the front panel of a water bottle by:

  • Choosing a print type (examples: digital or engraving).
  • Uploading an image file (examples: logo or symbol).
  • Selecting the number of print colors in the uploaded image (examples: one or two).

When choosing an image, select from the options in the available tabs, separated by company images and brand images. If the brand allows your company to upload images, NuORDER supports these image file types for customizations: .ai, .eps, .pdf, .svg, and .png.

Select an image.

If the brand has set up a preview view, you can review the adjusted image of the customized product as you make selections. Select the magnifying glass to zoom in and out.

To cancel your configuration, select Cancel. When you’re ready to add the customized product to your order, select Save and then Add to Order.

Note: Want to use the same image on multiple products? When you save a customized product with an uploaded image, then that image displays as a selectable option for other customizable products that offer images.


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Orders with customized products

Make adjustments to your Working Order as needed, including adding quantities to customized products. If you’d like to make customization changes before placing an order, navigate to the Products tab and select the product’s pencil icon to return to the customization modal. When done, select Save to return to the updated order.

If the brand included specific pricing for the customization, then you will see this price in the Surcharge section.

The Working Order.

After placing an order, you can view your selected customizations by going to Orders (from the left navigation menu), selecting your order, and then clicking Customizations for that product.

Submitted order.

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