Brand update: March 2023

In this release, we introduced product Customizations, as well as enhanced connection request management, product management, Payments, Promotions, and more.

New feature

Customize products

Do you have buyers asking to add their logo to products for an upcoming event or to make other product customizations? In this release, we’re giving brands the ability to select products for customizations.

Note: Contact your Account Manager if you’re interested in adding the Customizations package.


For more information, see Product customizations and Ordering with product customizations.

Connection request enhancements

We enhanced the connection request experience for both brands and retailers.

For brands

When brands review a pending connection request, the provided email address is now an active link and the provided URL now directly goes to the retailer’s website. The connection request email to brands includes a link to the Manage connection requests page in NuORDER, where we made the Sort options more accessible and the Action options into a guided menu. In particular, we included a new In review option to help you denote retailers that are being vetted and you can now add a buyer directly from the connection request page.

Connection requests.

For buyers

We also made it easier for retailers to view their most recently connected brands on the Buyer Dashboard. When only Show my connected brands is selected, the list of Connected Brands now sorts by the most recently connected brands first.

Brand connections.

For more information, see Manage connection requests and Buyer dashboard.

New options for your products

Enhanced product search

We made our product search faster and more in line with how users search.

By default, the faster Standard search displays results that contain terms starting with the entered search criteria. For example, enter “bow” to locate matches with the terms “bow” or “bowtie.”

Search products.

Otherwise, if you’re not finding the product(s) you’re looking for, select the new Search filter icon. filters icon to apply the Expanded search, displaying results that contain terms appearing in any part of the entered search criteria. For example, enter “tie” to locate matches with the terms “tie” or “bowtie.”

For more information, see Browse products and Add products to linesheets and custom lists.

Add multiple colorways in Product Details

Brands can offer an option on the Product Details page, where users can either select the cart icon to quickly add one or more Available Colors to their cart or select a swatch to specify quantities for that color when adding it to the cart. Users can also choose to Add All Colors.

Add colorways.

For more information, see Add products to your cart.

New Product Page Experience default for new users

To streamline user experiences, all new users will default to the New Product Page Experience.

Note: This default is for new users only and doesn’t impact current users.

Edit Profile.

For more information, see Manage brand users and Edit your profile.

Order quantities in Product Details

Brands can now activate a display, allowing users to review and edit the quantities of products in the Working Order by opening that item’s Product Details page.

For more information, see Order quantities in Product Details.

Send invoices

You can now send invoices to buyers, which they can use to make payments. When sending an invoice, you can specify the amount to pay (if different from the total amount) and a due date.

Note: You must have Lightspeed Payments (or utilize Bring your own processor) in NuORDER to use this feature. Contact your Account Manager if you’re interested in the Payments package.

Send invoice.

For more information, see Send invoices.

Promotions filter on orders

When reviewing Orders, you can now see which included a Promotion by filtering on the promotion name.

For more information, see Promotions overview.

Assign warehouses to Orders, Linesheets, and Custom Lists

You can now manage inventory by specifying the Warehouse on Linesheets, Custom Lists, Product Details, and orders.

Note: Contact your Account Manager if you’re interested in adding the Inventory Management package.

For more information, see Inventory management.

Additional improvements and fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing products to not show as oversold in the Products tab for certain brands.
  • Fixed an issue causing refund transactions to not process if the NUORDER_ORDER_NUMBER wasn’t populated.
  • Fixed an issue where some color variants wouldn’t display when the external_colorway_variants preference was turned on.
  • Fixed an issue causing a blank company page (Contacts > Company) after turning on/off the require shipping code brand preference.
  • Fixed an issue causing custom fields in the full order details export to require text, resulting in not being able to save the order export info.
  • Fixed an issue causing Youtube videos to not display on a brand’s Site Manager page.
  • Fixed an issue causing Instagram to open in the same tab of a brand’s Site Manager page when the hyperlink target was set to open in a new tab.
  • Fixed an issue where, when creating a new product containing underscores, the Product Details page would ignore all underscores except the last one.
  • When some brands would submit an order with a selected company with shipping codes, they received an error message telling them to select a company with shipping codes. This issue was fixed, and orders can now be successfully placed with companies with shipping codes selected.
  • Fixed an issue causing an error when adding a new contact from the Order Details tab.
  • Fixed an issue where Total unit and Order total in the Summary tab would not display in an Order XLS download.
  • Fixed an issue causing a brand’s linesheets to not sort products in the right order.
  • Fixed an issue causing some brand admins to not be able to filter by Shipped status or Season on the Orders page.
  • Fixed an issue where the Save Filters toggle was disabled after reloading the Orders page.
  • Fixed incorrect French translations across the platform.
  • Fixed an issue causing future prebook replenishment windows to export to the first available delivery window in the Order XLS.
  • Fixed an issue causing users to not be able to close the Site Manager preview mode in Firefox.
  • Fixed an issue for certain brands that couldn’t view the Order summary page, open orders to edit them, change order status, or cancel certain orders.
  • Fixed an issue for certain brands that was causing custom fields to not update correctly.
  • Fixed text overlapping on some linesheet PDFs.
  • Fixed product data alignment issues happening on some export files.
  • Removed Buyer View Only user role for certain customers, as it is no longer needed.
  • Fixed an issue causing some brands to receive an error when running a 1-click Buyer Activity report.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Available in US filter to not work properly in linesheets for some customers.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed duplicate buyer emails to be created for one company. Only one buyer can now be added with the same email address to the same Company record.
  • Fixed an issue causing a brand’s Media page to not load properly every time.
  • Fixed an issue blocking a brand from importing videos.
  • Fixed an issue causing Homepage preferences to not update for some brands.
  • Fixed an issue causing some orders to not automatically change to Shipped status after sending shipment data.
  • Fixed an issue on the Custom Branding page causing the Dashboard logo, Product placeholder, and PDF logo upload containers to not render correctly.
  • Fixed an issue causing products outside of the search parameters to display on the Product gallery page.
  • Fixed an issue in Safari causing issues with color swatches on products.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Total column in the sizing grid of the cart to sometimes not appear.
  • Fixed an issue causing orders to be overwritten when multiple users edited the order.
  • Fixed an issue causing disabled assortments users to still appear on a brand’s Contact page.
  • Fixed an issue causing a brand to be unable to drop a canceled style from any of the associated orders using the standard process.
  • Fixed an issue causing orders with certain order tags to not display in the Order Tags filter results.
  • Fixed an issue in the Products tab of the cart causing shipment sizes to show as NA in the Grid view.
  • Fixed an issue that wouldn’t allow brands to access a buyer’s saved cards when attempting to charge the buyer.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause prices to not calculate correctly in the cart.
  • Fixed an issue causing the page to sometimes crash when exporting orders to POS.
  • Fixed an issue causing brands with Promotions enabled to not be able to submit EZ Orders.
  • Fixed an issue causing the blue promotion banner to not display for some eligible products.
  • Fixed an issue where, when Advanced Pricing was turned on, a surcharge was being applied to exempt items in the Working Order.
  • Fixed an issue for brands with pricing enabled where selecting a company from the blue promo banner on the Product Gallery page only set the company, not the buyer.
  • Fixed an issue causing the surcharge value in the price adjustment section to not be updated in some situations


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