Send invoices

Lightspeed Payments brands can send invoices to buyers, which they can use to make payments.

Note: Brands who use Bring your own processor can also send invoices from NuORDER.

From the left navigation menu, go to Orders and select the order’s Invoice icon (or select the kabob icon for More Actions and choose Invoice).

Invoice icon.

The Send Invoice window displays the buyer name, company name, and total amount due.

Send Invoice.

If there’s a special circumstance regarding the buyer or invoice, additional details are provided. As examples:

  • The buyer isn’t configured to make payments.
  • The buyer can’t receive emails.
  • The invoice can’t be sent until the order status is changed to Review, Pending, Approved, Processed, or Shipped.

When sending the invoice, you have the option to specify additional information:

  • Amount to Pay Today: Entering an amount is especially helpful when you’re splitting the order into multiple shipments. If Amount to Pay Today is left blank, then the buyer will be asked to pay the full amount.
  • Invoice Due Date: You have the option to specify a payment due date (example: align the due date with the ship date).
  • Notes: You can include a note, which displays next to the totals in the invoice:

    Notes section of invoice.

When you’re done, select Send.

The invoice is emailed to the buyer and the sales rep. Buyers can make a payment from the emailed invoice by following the steps outlined in Make payments from an invoice.

After the invoice is paid, provide a receipt, which will show the Amount Paid and any remaining Amount Due.

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