Order Minimums and Maximums

Order Minimum and Maximum rules are set by Brand Administrators to specify rules for Buyers when placing orders on NuORDER.

As an Admin user, you can enable these specifications by following the path Brand Admin > Settings > Order Min Max Rules



Enabling will make it easier for buyers to place orders when you have "size level" rules or "multiples of" rules, by automatically setting valid quantities for sizes.

Define Rules

1. Select the Rule Type - choose between Minimum, Maximum, Multiples Of or Mandatory Buys


2. Set the Amount - For example, setting a minimum quantity, you can select either a minimum number of units, or a minimum order value in a particular currency.



3. Set Restrictions - choose the level at which you want to apply the rule. You can choose from Order, Line Item or Size level, or by Custom group. For example, if you choose by Size level, you can order a minimum quantity of units for each size.



4. Enter a custom error message or leave as default.


Once completed, be sure to click Save to create your rules. Please contact our Support team at heroes@nuorder.com if you have any issues creating rules.


Below are some example rules:






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