Setting Up Your Linesheet on Your Profile

Adding an Existing Linesheet to Your Profile

To display products to your buyers, you'll base your profile off a linesheet.

1) Select a linesheet in your profile to display products to your buyers. Screen_Shot_2018-03-26_at_9.06.48_AM.png


2) If you're not seeing all the products from your linesheet, check to see if they're whitelisted. You can follow the link on your profile to check which products are whitelisted



Creating a New Linesheet

1) If you'd like to create a new linesheet for your profile head to the "Linesheets" tab.

2) From the linesheet landing page, select "Create Linesheet".


3) To add products to the linesheet, you will select the blue plus icon on the lower right corner and drag the product onto the linesheet. 




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