Update Hero Images and Profile Image

Hero Images

In the NuORDER Marketplace brand profile you can upload multiple hero images. These images rotate every 2-3 seconds through all the images you have uploaded as your hero images. 

To upload a hero image, drag and drop an image into the image slot. 


After uploading your first image, if you'd like to upload additional hero images, select "add slide"Screen_Shot_2018-03-26_at_3.21.55_PM.png


Follow the same steps to upload any additional images. After upload your images, you'll see arrows on the side to flip through and dots on the bottom as your images rotate through. 

You can upload most image sizes here, although the recommend size is 1200ps x 400px and RGB @ 72dpi. 


Profile Images

To update the profile, you will drag and drop an image into the profile image box. Please note the image requirements below.

  • This image must be a minimum of 360 px by 360 px
  • Square images only
  • The profile image must contain a logo and lifestyle image (see example below)




Please note: This will not update any images in your NuORDER portal. This will only update images in your NuORDER Marketplace Brand Profile. 

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