What is a Subteam?

If your company has various sales teams you can set up different subteams for each team. 

Subteams are used for selling divisions and assigned on a brand rep level. Therefore, you may set up as many subteams as you like to fit your needs for the amount of rep groups you have for your brand. 


Benefits of Subteams: 

  • Visibility control over different reps' accounts and orders in their assigned subteam
    • For example: If 3 sales reps are assigned to a specific subteam, then the 3 sales reps will only be able to view each other's accounts and orders in this subteam.
  • If you have multiple reps in different regions, then we may suggest adding multiple subteams for visibility reasons.
    • For example: Members of a subteam will only be able to see their subteam's orders and not the orders of another subteam.

There are 3 different permission settings we can turn on/off for your brand users (admins, sales managers, sales reps) in our backend for your subteams : orders, companies, and campaigns.

    • Orders: The ability to see the subteam's orders.
    • Companies: Ability to view all companies and buyers associated with your subteam
    • Campaigns: Brand user can only see their campaigns and those made by other users on their subteam.

If you would like any of these permission settings to be updated, feel free to email for further assistance. 

You may also reference our other help article to get you started with setting up subteams on your portal:

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