Reporting: Illustrated Buys

When going into an appointment with a buyer, having past order information at your fingertips can help you sell deeper into your accounts.

This new report will show all items, including images, ordered for up to 12 previous months for your selected account. 


You may find this report by following these steps below:

- 1) Click to the REPORTING page

- 2) Click on the "CUSTOMER" option

- 3) At the bottom of the 1-click reports, you will find the report named as "ILLUSTRATED BUYS BY COMPANY" > Click on "SET PARAMETERS"



- 4) Now, select the retailer account that you would like to view in your report and any particular order statuses

- 5) Next, select a date range for the orders that you would like to view for that account > then click on "EXPORT"

- 6) Now, the report will be emailed to you shortly.

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