What's the difference between a Smart Group and a Fixed Group?

Contact groups are great ways to have lists of contacts to send out campaigns. NuORDER has two types of groups, Smart Groups and Fixed Groups. 


Smart Groups

Smart groups are created by using filters to filter out contacts you don't want included in the group in bulk. If you're trying to create a contact group with just buyers from Arizona, then you can input AZ into the state filter and receive only buyers in this state based on information in their contacts. Whenever you add a new contact that meets these filter requirements, the contact will be added to the smart group. 

You do have the option to exclude buyers if there is a contact that falls into your preset filters and you'd like to remove them from the group. 


Fixed Groups

Fixed groups are groups that you will manually build by putting in customer emails one by one. If you ever needed to add new users, this will be done manually. New contact will not automatically add to a fixed group. 


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