Editing the linesheet thumbnail (catalog portrait image)

The line sheet thumbnail image is an image that will appear on your main line sheet page. This is a great area to promote your brand and entice customers to view a linesheet. 



To upload this, you can select the linesheet you'd like to upload a thumbnail for. Once in the linesheet, select "View linesheet settings".


Here, you'll see an upload option to upload this thumbnail. 


Drag and drop an image into this box. The image will upload and appear here for you to view. 



If you ever need to remove this image, you can select the trash icon. 


Image Requirements 

  • JPG, JPEG, PNG formats only
  • Recommended Size: 240px x 240px
  • Min Width: 240px
  • Min Height: 240px

It is important to include this image as this is the first thing customers will see in your linesheets tab. 


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