Offline Setup: how to work offline on mobile/iPad

NuORDER Mobile 4.0 gives you the ability to work both online and offline.

When working online, the new app syncs instantaneously with the web, so both platforms will always have the most up to date changes. 


Am I working online or offline?

When you are offline, a gray banner will display with message "Showing offline results." Once back online, you will have the ability to "Retry Online" to force the page to refresh. 





Offline Setup: pre-loading your brand data and working offline

To have the best offline experience with NuORDER Mobile 4.0, use Offline Setup to pre-load all your brand data/product images to your device. 

We strongly recommend downloading your data over a reliable WiFi connection.




Toggle on "Brand Data" and "Product Images" to start the download. 

Note that downloading "High Resolution Images" can take a while, so remember to plan accordingly. 

Keep in mind that preloading all your portal information may take up a lot of storage on your local device, so check to see if there's enough memory on that iPhone/iPad!




If you go to Offline Setup and it looks like you have 100% of your data downloaded, remember to click CHECK FOR UPDATES NOW to check for updates. 

Finally, to ensure that you have the most up-to-date brand data, remember to go back online and refresh your portal. 

When you are working in offline mode, be sure to turn airplane mode on for your device. If you are not using airplane mode, your device will not actually be in Offline Mode on the NuORDER 4.0 app. 


Sync Center

When working offline, all your orders and additional edits will be saved to the Sync Center (accessible via the menu). 

Once you go back online, all your changes will be synced automatically.

If there are errors with your sync events (e.g. an order is missing a shipping address), the sync center will prompt you to resolve the error.





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