What is the Guest Buyer View?

The Guest Buyer view allows you to see how guest buyers in the Online Trade Show will see your portal. Important Note: the option to allow Guest Buyers needs to be enabled on the portal first - contact our Support team at heroes@nuorder.com to have our team enable this for you.

You can first set up the view for your guest buyers in Admin > Settings > Guest Buyer Visibility




In the Guest Buyer Visibility, you can create and manage rules that determine which products are visible to Buyers that are not yet connected to your Brand.

If you wish Guest Buyers to see all products, then toggle on the 'Display all products to buyers' button.



Having no whitelist groups while allowing Guest Buyers to view your products will result in those Buyers not seeing any products.




You can create a Guest Buyer Whitelist, where you can set a rule for Buyers to see products by a specific Season (or all products with season values), Category, Collections, Color, Department, or Product Type. 





Once you've enabled your Guest Buyer view and set up any rules if required, you can review it in your portal using the 'View As' eye icon. Toggle it to 'Shop as Guest Buyer'.





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