How to Manage Multiple Currencies

NuORDER supports unlimited international currencies. Just let our team know ( and we will enable the currency for you. Once the additional currency is set, follow the steps below to begin selling in other currencies. 


1. Export Product Data 

The additional currencies will get generated from the system as new headers in the XLS file. You will need to enter in the price in the new currency column and re-upload your product data.

For example, if we have enabled GBP as a currency, download your product data and then enter your prices in the newly created wholesale GBP & retail GBP columns, and re-upload your product data.



2. Setting Brand Users' Default Currency

For any Brand users that need to use a different currency, edit the user in Brand Admin > Users > Manage Brand Users, and assign a different currency. The pricing will update for the user and they can begin to sell in the assigned currency. 



3. Setting a Retailer's Default Currency

Currency can get applied per retailer in two separate ways - through the Contacts tab or in the Company data. When the Buyer logs in, they will only see products and prices set for their currency.

  1. Contacts - Select the company you want to reassign and click on Edit Company button. Select the currency or currencies (you can have multiple currencies for Companies) and press the Save button.


  2. Company Data - In Brand admin under Data, export the existing Company data. You will need to enter in each currency code (separated by a comma and a space) needed for any given company - saving and reuploading this company data file will update the currency codes for all intended companies at once.










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