How to Set up Prebook

Prebook can be setup in NuORDER for styles that haven't gone into production yet. There are two ways to set up prebook in NuORDER. 

Through Inventory Settings

1) Go to the Admin Section > Inventory Settings

2) Scroll to the bottom of Inventory Settings


3) Add New Prebook Field >Select a top level field to restrict>For example: Season


Add New Value


4) Enter in a season that you want as prebook>Example: fall 2016>Add

**Note: Values are case sensitive


5) Remember to Save > Now that season is set up for prebook, you will export and re-upload your product data. This then will reflect as a prebook style.




Through the Inventory Upload

Prebook can also be setup through your inventory upload.

In the date field, you can list an item as "prebook".


Upload the inventory file to NuORDER in Admin > Data > Inventory Data. Once you receive a success message, you will see the style reflect as prebook. 


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