Wholesale Overview: All Products Gallery, Linesheets, Custom Lists, Contacts, Media Tabs & Orders



 Below, you will find a brief overview of the various areas of the WHOLESALE section. 



 1. PRODUCTS - Here is where you can find all the products available for view and purchase to your order. 



2. LINESHEETS - On this page, you will find all the linesheets created and published by the admin user. You may choose any linesheets and send it out as an email to your buyers as an actual linesheet or EZ ORDER option. 



3. CUSTOM LISTS - Any recommended linesheets created by the user can be found on this page here. You may access them at any time and re-send them to your buyers as you wish.  



4. CONTACTS - All of your Retailers and Buyers will be under the CONTACTS Tab. You can browse through existing Companies or Buyers alphabetically or use the search field to locate a specific contact. New companies and Buyers can also be created here.



5. ORDERS - Your Orders will be displayed here and sorted by their various statuses. Order can be edited, approved, regressed, processed, marked as shipped, or cancelled from here.



6. CAMPAIGNS - A campaign is used to send a linesheet or custom list to one or more people. NuORDER will automatically track when each email is opened, when users click on a link and what orders are placed as a result of clicking on a link from the email.

For each campaign sent, you will be able to see summary statistics for percentage opened, percentage clicked, percentage resulting in an order and total order value. 
You’ll also be able to drill-down to the individual level and see which users have done any or all of these actions.


7. MEDIA - Any media assets such as Lookbooks, press, videos, and downloadable assets can be found on this page here.  




8. REPORTINGThis section will be available for access to any brand users (admins, sales managers, sales reps. You may export different types of reports that will fit your needs here. This will include "1-click" and "custom" reports. 





If you are a brand user (admin, sales rep, sales manager), you may find new retailers to connect to as a brand user.



If you are a buyer, you will be able to discover new brands to connect with through the ONLINE TRADESHOW page. 






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