Inventory Replenishment Data

Replenishments are used when a brand wants to provide multiple deliveries or prebook windows for a product.

Please note, replenishments can only be managed via an FTP or API integration

Things to keep in mind when using Replenishments:

  • Each Product needs an Available From date in their product data
  • Delivery windows should only be managed within the Replenishment file, all preset windows should be deleted from the Brand Admin page.
  • Prebook should only be managed from one place, if it is in the Replenishment file then all other Prebook rules (from Admin Settings>Inventory) should be removed
  • It is the best practice to use UPC for Inventory Replenishment management


This Available From date can be either today, yesterday, or tomorrow.
It the date is today or yesterday and you send inventory it will show as Immediate.
Future will populate based on any future dates.

If the Available From is tomorrow
Inventory sent today will appear as future.

If you do not have an Available Until, any future dates will accumulate and present that quantity.

Find attached the Inventory Replenishment Data template.

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