Data Template Prep Checklist

As you pull your data together for NuORDER keep in mind each template requires key information. Use this as a checklist while preparing your data and submitting to the Onboarding team:


  • Save in CSV, XLS, or TXT file format *Inventory Data file will need to be CSV
  • Make sure you have a header row
  • Fill out all required fields
  • All data should be on one tab
  • Clean columns & rows
  • Consistency in casing & spelling
  • Minimal formatting
  • No live formulas
  • Avoid HTML formatting 


Product Data

  • Item/style numbers
  • Item names or short description
  • Wholesale prices
  • Colors or color codes
  • Season names
  • Size breakdowns

Inventory Data

  • Item identifiers – either Season/Style/Color or UPC/SKU (same info you provide in the Product Data)
  • Available to sell or replenishment quantities
  • Stock availability dates

Company Data

  • Names of the companies (retails, distributors, etc.) you sell to
  • Company codes (e.g. company record number assigned by your ERP)
  • Billing and shipping addresses

Buyer Data

  • Company codes (same code you provide in the Company Data)
  • Names of the buyers at the companies you sell to
  • Contact email(s) of the buyer(s)
  • Contact email(s) of your sale rep(s) (NuORDER Brand Users)
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