Understanding Address Type

NuORDER can store multiple addresses for a single customer. In order for the system to recognize which addresses can be utilized as shipping addresses vs. billing addresses you will need to assign an Address Type.

When assigning an address to a specific type (for example, BILLING), the address is then restricted to their respective dropdowns in the Working Order.

If an address has not been assigned with a type or has been set with BOTH, these addresses will be available under both Shipping & Billing dropdowns. (See Image 1 & Image 2).

Image 1: Address Type = Shipping or Both


Image 2: Address Type = Billing or Both


If assigning an address type to a company, it is important to note that at least one Billing & one Shipping address is required. Company Data upload file will be rejected if only one address exists on the company and it has been restricted to either BILLING or SHIPPING type.

To set up properly in your Company Data, you will need a separate line for each address. (See Image 3)

Image 3:


To assign the address type, simply use one of the three valid values in that field:

  • Shipping
  • Billing
  • Both

Note: If you are only storing one address per company and it functions as both the shipping and billing address, you can leave the Address Type field blank. Keep in mind if you add an additional address in future, you should update the Address Type to “BOTH.”

Key Concepts

  • Assigning an address type restricts address to its respective dropdown in the Working Order
  • Each address must be listed on its own line of the Company Data
  • Company addresses must include at least one billing address and one shipping address
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