Onboarding - Where To Start

You will be provided with a set of NuORDER data templates that are tailored to your business needs. You will also be provided with a sharepoint (Dropbox) for you to download these templates and upload assets for review.

In regards to the templates - they do have some overlapping information as they link together in our system. If you follow this workflow you can save yourself time and effort by copying and pasting much of the overlapping information.

It is recommended you start with the Product Data and Inventory Data side by side (if you deal solely in pre-book, you will not need to fill out the inventory template). Next move onto the Company Data (retailers, distributors, etc. that you sell to) and Buyer Data (your points of contact at those companies).

The other key components for setup are providing Product Images and Creative Assets (high-res logo, lifestyle images, lookbooks, etc.). Early in the process we recommending establishing a product image naming convention with your Onboarding team member. Product image filenames need to be follow a naming convention which matches information provided in your product data. This allows the product images to automatically match upon upload. Refer to this article for best practices.

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