Onboarding - What To Expect

1. Tell Us A Little About Yourself

NuORDER Point of Contact

  • Sales Onboarding Specialist
  • Account Owner

Action Items

  • Fill out the Onboarding Form from the welcome email
  • If possible, include an example product image file and inventory export in your survey response


Welcome to NuORDER - we’re eager to get to know you and start your onboarding process! You’ll receive a welcome email from the Sales Onboarding Specialist. Follow the link provided in the email to fill out “Your Onboarding Form.”

This short questionnaire will only take a few minutes to complete but will provide our team with critical information. Based on your answers we will be able to:

  • Provide you with data templates geared towards your business needs.
  • Address any initial questions you may have about the Onboarding process.
  • Indicate a target launch date, which will aid in proposing a project timeline.

Average turnaround goal for the onboarding process is approximately three weeks. It can be more or less - process timeline is reliant on the quality of the data sent and your level of engagement.

2. Give Us All You’ve Got

NuORDER Point of Contact

  • Sales Onboarding Specialist
  • Account Owner

Action Items

  • Sign into Dropbox via invite email
  • Download the NuOrder Templates
  • Prepare assets for NuOrder & upload to Dropbox


After we receive your Onboarding form, the Sales Onboarding Specialist will follow up within one business day with an email outlining all of the assets you will need to prepare for your NuORDER set up. She will also reach out to address any questions you may have posed in the survey.

The “Send Us Your Data” email will contain the following:

  • List of assets needed for NuORDER portal setup
  • Links to your Dropbox folder for template download and upload
  • Links for resources on best practices for asset preparation

You will receive a separate email directly from Dropbox inviting you to edit your shared folder – be sure to take action on this email so that you can successfully upload assets on completion. The Dropbox folder will serve as a sharepoint for all NuORDER assets during the Onboarding process.

During this phase of Onboarding, the Sales Onboarding Specialist will work closely with your team to empower you to get your assets in top form using our recommended best practices.

3. Onboarding

NuORDER Point of Contact

  • Onboarding Manager

Action Items

  • Fill out the “A Few Questions” survey
  • First call with your Onboarding Manager


At this point, you will be introduced to your Onboarding Manager. She will schedule a first call with you and your team to discuss the details of what makes your business unique as well as review the data files received. It’s necessary to include the person(s) on your side who will be running point on data coordination, images, etc., as well as a person who knows how the sales team operates.

Ahead of the call, take a moment to answer the “A Few Questions” survey included in the email. This will help to streamline the first call and portal build.

4. Portal Personalized and Perfected

NuORDER Point of Contact

  • Onboarding Manager
  • Onboarding Specialist

Action Items

  • Portal review with the Onboarding team


Once we have collected all of the assets requested in the previous steps, the Onboarding team will build your custom portal with the information you have provided.

You can expect to see your customized NuORDER portal in approximately 5 business days once your data and branding assets have been received.

The Onboarding Manager will schedule a portal review with you and your team. The purpose of this review is to verify the setup and visual aspects of your personalized NuORDER portal. Based on your feedback, the Onboarding team will get everything perfected!

Again, it is critical to include in this meeting members from your team who drive the data collection for NuORDER as well as an individual representing those who will be utilizing as a sales tool.

5. This Person’s Got Your Back

NuORDER Point of Contact

  • Account Manager

Action Items

  • Identify a NuORDER super user
  • Participate in training sessions


After your portal review, you’ll begin working with your Account Manager. This individual is your partner in NuORDER. She will reach out to schedule your NuORDER admin and sales training sessions.

Admin training will cover the back end of the system and how to maintain your

portal. This training session is for key users who will be managing the admin side of the system - we recommend identifying an individual who will serve as your NuORDER super user.

Sales training will cover the front end of the system and key sales functions, including how to navigate products, place orders, create and send linesheets, as well as reporting. This session should include ALL users who will be using NuORDER as a sales tool.

Full access for all your users will be granted once payment is received, and your trainings have been completed.

Your Account Manager will work with you to establish a process and timeline to launch your portal.

6. Ready to sell faster, smarter, better!

Point of Contact

  • Account Manager
  • NuORDER Heroes


Congratulations - you have officially completed the onboarding process!

You’ll now be fully prepared to use your personalized NuORDER portal to revolutionize your business.

For ongoing support you will have our amazing support team ( and your Account Manager at your side!

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