How to Layout / Configure a Dashboard

Once you are on a dashboard, Admins will be able to toggle on "Edit Mode" to configure the dashboard.



Featured Linesheets

Featured Linesheets will display up to 8 linesheets in the order in which they are organized on your linesheets page.


Adding Components

You can add components by clicking the Add Component button on the page (note this button is only visible in Edit mode)





When adding a component, you can link to any URL. Some ideas for URL links include:

  • Link directly to an ATS / Immediate / QuickFill linesheet
  • Link directly to search / filter results (copy and paste the URL from a search / filter view of the products gallery)
  • Link to your media gallery


File Upload

You can upload a photo or video in mp4 format. Videos will play directly on the dashboard page when a user clicks the play button.

There is an option to add a "title" which will display directly under the image.




One final option when adding a component is to set its width.  Your choices are 1/3, 2/3, 25%, 50%, 100%.


Note that images will always display the entire image, so the height of the images will vary depending on what you upload. If you want to have two 50% width images be the same height on the page, they should be the same height when uploaded.


Arranging Components

You can drag and drop components to organize the page in a way that meets your needs.



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