Whitelisting Products for Guest Buyers

In order to provide buyers or retailers with a product teaser view of your brand profile and guest view of your portal, you will need to Whitelist those specific products. Not only will this allow you to select linesheets with these whitelisted products, but buyers will be able to log into a guest view of your portal to view all products specified for whitelisting.

1. Navigating to Online Trade Show setup section in admin

  • Select Guest Buyer Product Selection button
  • This will take you to the admin section of your portal
  • Locate Online Trade Show Setup and select section


2. Setting up Whitelisting rules


  1. If your brand would like to display all products to guest buyers
    1. Select View all Products toggle

  1. If your brand would like to select specific products to display to guest buyers
    1. Display all products to guest buyers toggled to No
    2. Select New Rule add icon
    3. Select Field dropdown menu
    4. Select Field value
      1. All values are pulled from Product level fields
    5. After selecting Field value  a rule will populate in the Guest Buyer Whitelist section
    6. Locate rule you would like to add values for and select Enter a new value field
    7. A dropdown list will appear to select values from
      1. You can add as many values as you would like 
      2. By adding these values, your brand is choosing what products are available for a guest buyer to view before they have connected with your brand
    8. Once all rules and values have been applied, select Save at the top of the screen






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