Setting up your brand profile

With this easy to edit feature, we give you multiple ways to tell your brand story through brand profile customizations. Below is a step by step process to guide you through setting up your new brand profile in NuORDER's Marketplace feature.

 1. Your Profile


1) Brand Profile Hero Image: 1440px(Width) x 400px(Height)

  • You can prepare up to four images 

2) Square Hi-Res Brand Logo: Minimum of 360px (Width) x 360px (Height)

3) Short Brand description

4) Social media links

  • Brand Website
  • Facebook
  • Instagram (To link your Instagram, click here)
  • Twitter

5) About us content


2. Creating Your Profile 

You can head to your profile by selecting Settings > Brand Admin > Settings > Manage Marketplace Profile

Switch from View to Edit Mode by selecting "Edit Mode"



Enter a full description of your company Selecting the About Us section

  • Max of 12288 characters


You can also setup the following


3. Set your brand profile to Published!

 Your Brand Profile is now complete!


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