Setting up your brand profile

New Brand Profiles

With this easy to edit feature, we give you multiple ways to tell your brand story through brand profile customizations. Below is a step by step process to guide you through setting up your new brand profile in NuORDER's Online Trade Show feature.

 1. Asset preparation


  1. Brand Profile Hero Image: 1440px(Width) x 400px(Height)
    • You can prepare up to four images 
  2. Square Hi-Res Brand Logo: Minimum of 360px (Width) x 360px (Height)
  3. Short Brand description
  4. Social media links
    • Brand Website
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
  5. About us content

  Some other items to have in mind when preparing

  • Trade Shows you attend
  • Categories and verticals applicable to your Brand
  • Price point ranges applicable to your wholesale products
  • Selection of products that you would display to a prospect buyer in a "Guest View"

2. Profile Creation 

  • Select the link provided in the profile creation email provided called Create Profile
    • If you have lost the email please email here
  • If you are logged in, you will be directed to the profile creation page
    • If not logged in, you will be prompted to login using your NuORDER username and password
  • You will then be directed to the profile creation page
  • Select Yes

  • Switch from View to Edit Mode by selecting Edit Mode

  • Upload up to Hero images 
    • Recommended size: 1200px x 400px


  • Upload 1 square hi-res brand logo
    • Min width: 360px x 360px

  • Enter a brief brand description by selecting the input box Profile Subheading section 
    • Max of 90 characters

  • Input your brands social media by Selecting Edit Social Links
  • After editing social links select Save
  • If saved successfully, your social link icons will turn teal

  • Scroll down to Category Tags
  • Select each Category tag drop down
    • Select applicable tags that buyers can use for filter criteria

  • Enter a full description of your company Selecting the About Us section
    • Max of 12288 characters

  • Upload any content that you would like to make available for download

  • Link your brands Instagram feed to display your last 6 posts
    • Select Link Your Instagram Feed
    • You will be directed to Instagram's login screen
    • Enter your credentials and you will be directed back to NuORDER's brand profile page
  • Your Instagram content will now display



3. Setting up products available for brand profile view

In order to provide buyers or retailers a product teaser view of your brand profile and guest view of your     portal, you will need to Whitelist those specific products. Not only will this allow you to select linesheets with these whitelisted products, but buyers will be able to log into a guest view of your portal to view all products specified for whitelisting.


 Your Brand Profile is now complete!

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