May 3rd: Creating Contact Groups Like a Pro!

Join us to learn about the new tab added to NuORDER 4.0 called Contact Groups. This webinar will review the two different groups, fixed and smart, plus how you can create them with ease! Using these contact groups will make it easy to mass blast linesheets for upcoming May markets and for end of Spring sales.


Some Topics That Will Be Covered:

- What contact groups are

- Fixed groups vs. smart groups

- How to add

- Use case scenarios


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    Matthew Reynolds

    I have created a smart group, but want to filter certain states to only include accounts that are assigned to a given rep. When I enter the rep name in the search field, it is not adding all that reps accounts in the given State. For example, I created a smart group for all accounts in the State of NY. To give a specific example, the account Catherine H is in NY and assigned to Sue Lang. However, when I put in the filter NY and Sue Lang, Catherine H is still not showing up on the smart contact group.

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