How to Locate a Saved Draft to Submit

If you have a draft you need to get back to for editing and submission please follow the below steps to navigate smoothly to do so:


1. Login to NuOrder and go to the brand you need to locate your draft order for


2. Once in the brand go to your menu tab and select ORDERS



3. Once in ORDERS tab easily REFINE search by ORDER TYPE 


4. Select DRAFT (all of your draft status orders will populate only)



5. Locate the draft you are wanting to edit, open, and/or submit


6. Select the EDIT icon (pencil) to the right 



7. If you have nothing currently in your shopping cart select YES as this will not clear your draft order



8. You will now be in your WORKING ORDER details page to finalize


9. Select Items and Deliveries tab to update your cart (sizes, quantities, deleting any unwanted items).



10. To add another product easily go back to the PRODUCT GALLERY by X out of the WORKING ORDER DETAILS and then going to the menu bar and selecting "HOME"




Once you have added all additional items (if necessary), select the shopping cart icon again at the top right to go back to WORKING ORDER details to finalize and submit!

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