How to Edit and Submit a Draft Order

To locate a draft order:

1. Login to NuORDER and go to the brand you need to locate your draft order.

 2. Once in the brand go to your menu tab and select "orders".



3. Once in your "orders" tab filter your search by order type.

4. Select "draft" (all of your draft status orders will populate).



5. Locate the draft you wish to view, edit, and/or submit.


6. Select the pencil icon to the right to edit.



7. If you have nothing currently in your shopping cart. Then clicking pencil icon will allow you to edit order.

**If you previously had items in your cart, you will be prompted with the order number and price of the items of the order that is currently in your cart. Click "Replace Cart Contents" to clear the cart's contents, so your draft order can take their place. 



8. You will now be in your working order on the order details page to finalize your order.

9. Select the "Products" tab to update your cart (sizes, quantities, deleting any unwanted items).


 10. To add another product you can easily go back to the product gallery by "X" out of the working order then select "home".


Once you have added all additional items (if necessary), select the shopping cart icon again at the top right to go back to working order details to finalize and submit!

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