How to Get Access to NuOrder and Brands as a Retailer

There are two ways you can be added to NuOrder as a Retailer/Buyer:


1. You can go to and select "Request Retailer Access". This request goes to our Online Trade Show team and once they are able to validate the credentials you have provided (store address and web address). Once you have been validated you will be sent an email welcoming you to NuOrder from Once you are in then you are able to go to our Online Trade Show to discover new brands and locate the brands you are interested in working with and "Request Access". Once the brand has granted you access you will receive an email from the brand letting you know you are now able to order and view their brand.


2. The brand can add you to their buyer database and expedite the above process listed. You would be just connected to this brand if you are already not connected to NuOrder and you would receive an Invitation to your email from the brand via NuOrder welcoming you to shop/order.


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