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NuORDER provides you the opportunity to customize your portal to better represent your brand and style. There are four main areas that currently can be branded: your Login Page, your Marketplace Profile, In-App Branding and the Media Tab.


Branded Login Page

NuORDER can set up your own branded login page, with full screen imagery and a custom URL. Instead of giving your buyers the main NuORDER link, you’ll be able to direct them right to your page with a few easy shortcuts to contact your brand.


What we'll need to set up your Branded Login Page:

  • Images - 1-5 creative images (1600 x 1200 pixels, JPG). Note: center of image will be covered by login box
  • Sales Contact - An email address where buyer inquiries will be directed.
  • Desired URL - E.g. This will not be guaranteed, but we will take your request into account when we create your URL.


Branded Marketplace Profile

Your Branded Profile allows buyers to browse information about your brand and send a request to be contacted by a sales rep. You’ll receive the message via email, and it will e at your discretion to contact the buyer or politely decline.


What we'll need to set up your Branded Marketplace Profile:

  • Images - 3-5 creative images (JPG, hi-res)
  • PDF - A lookbook, press kit, or other supplemental content for buyers to download (max file size is 10 MB)
  • Brand Bio - Short text about your brand (approx. 250 words)
  • Sales Contact - An email address where buyer inquiries will be directed
  • Average Price Range - Allows buyers to search by price point (wholesale)
  • Upcoming Markets - Dates, location, and other details of your upcoming trade shows or markets (optional)


In-App Branding

Customize the Wholesale section with your own imagery. When your retailers click on your brand, they’ll get an even better shopping experience. In-App branding consists of 3 main parts: a Custom Splash Page, your Linesheets Page Hero Image, and Contacts Page Placeholder.

Custom Splash Page


Requirements to set up your Custom Splash Page:

  • Image Dimensions - max width 900px, max height 600px


Linesheets Page Hero Image


Requirements to set up Linesheets Page Hero Image:

  • Image Dimensions - width 1400px, height 400px (Max width 2800px, max height 800px)


Contacts Page Placeholder


Requirements to set up Contacts Page Placeholder:

  • Image Dimensions - width 540px, height 450px 


Media Tab

NuORDER allows you to upload shoppable content that will be visible to buyers and sales reps.


Setting up Gallery Albums (lookbooks, campaigns, etc.):

  • Name of the album
  • Description or other text (optional)
  • Images - JPG, max width 1800px, height 1200px (landscape)

Setting up Press Albums:

  • Name of the album
  • Images - JPG, max width 1800px, height 1200px (landscape)
  • Image Description - caption, date published, and web URL to original post (all optional).

Setting up Videos:

  • Name of the video
  • Accepted File Types - ASF, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, OGG, Or FLV
  • Max File Size - 60mb 
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