4.0 - Exporting Product Data from the All Products Page

You may now export your product data from the All Products page from the wholesale section of NuORDER. If you are an ADMIN user on NuORDER, you may now export your current product data from the admin and wholesale side of your portal. 


****Please Note: All information in this article only applies to the All Products Gallery page in the wholesale at this time. The product data export from ADMIN side of the portal will still function as it always has. 


1.) Go to the All Products Gallery page






2.) Select any items or filters to view the items that you would like to see on your product data export. You may hover your mouse over a product image and click on the checkbox that appears in the upper left corner of the product image box. 




3.) Once selected, you will be able to open the "ACTION" bar at the top of the page. 




4.) From here you may: 

- Click the "Select All" box to select all products that match your filtered criteria.

- Click the action menu


5.) On the ACTION menu, click on "EXPORT" to export your product data file. 



6.) A popup will appear




7.) Click "Click here to download" & a new tab will appear to download with downloadable links



8.) The XLS (not the CSV file option) will generate from this section to resolve the common scientific notation issue. Currently, our product data export from the All Products Gallery page will only support the vertical format and not the horizontal format at this time. 






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