December 14th: Measuring and Maximizing your Buyer Engagement

Ever wonder what your buyer engagement levels are? This webinar will teach you how to find this info, analyze it, and maximize on it.


ABOUT: Buyer activity is higher than ever and it’s important to take advantage of that exposure. The weekly digest contains valuable metrics that tell you exactly how your brand is using the portal and how the buyers are using your portal. The digest gives you insight to specific usage metrics that you do not want to over look. This webinar will teach you how to understand what your digest means in terms of market trends. We will also cover what each metric means to your portal and how to understand where your focal points should be to maximize on activity.


Some Topics That Will Be Covered:

- How to add yourself to the weekly digest report

- What do the #’s mean to my brand

- What are market trends I should consider when reviewing my numbers

- How are my buyers using and which buyers are using

- Additional buyer reports

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