Brand update: November 2022

In this release, we expanded the beta group for Promotions, as well as added enhancements to Linesheets, Order Export Templates, and shipping options. Also, you can now review an order’s payment and order history.

Promotions (private beta) help increase average order size

In this release, we're giving select integrated brands the ability to set up Promotions with discounted prices within NuORDER! Promotions not only discount product prices, but also encourage buyers to add more to their cart as they get close to qualifying for a promotion.

Note: This feature is currently in private beta only for select customers. We are working through customer by customer to be mindful of portal and integration configurations in order to ensure the rollout of this feature to all customers is seamless.


For more information, see Promotions overview (private beta).

Payment and order history logs available on orders

If you've ever wanted to see the evolution of an order (without having to request this information from NuORDER), we've empowered brands to show payment and order history logs on orders. When activated, buyers and brand users can review the sequence of changes to an order with time-stamps, the name of the user who made the change, total price and amount paid, color-coded statuses, and a See More option to dig into the details.

Brands can contact Support to activate the Payment & Order History option on orders.

Payment and order history.

For more information, see Orders page overview.

Linesheet improvements

Product banners on campaigns

Use banners to keep buyers informed about your products (examples: Sold Out, Hot Item, etc.). When you email a PDF Linesheet (aka Catalog) or Custom List, you can now choose to include product banners.

Product banners on emails.

For more information, see Sold out and custom banners overview and FAQ.

Manage line and image separators with Linesheet imports

Note: This feature update was released previously on October 13, 2022.

If you use imports to create or update Linesheets (aka Catalogs), you can now add or adjust line and image separators within the spreadsheet.

Contact Support to activate the option to import Linesheets.

Note: This feature is currently only available within the application and not within an integration.

Import linesheet.

For more information, see Linesheet imports and exports.

Order export template enhancements

PO numbers align with order export templates

If your brand is using order splitting rules, Order Export Templates with the Vertical Multiple Deliveries format now allow users to export and import PO numbers on each delivery.

Order export template with PO numbers.

For more information, see Configure order export templates and Export and import orders.

Import only products in the order’s currency

We help buyers align their orders to only include products in the selected company’s currency. Now, when you import a file with products that don’t match the order’s currency, you’ll receive a list of those rows of products that won’t be added to the order.

Imported order with products in a different currency.

For more information, see Export and import orders.

DHL shipment alignment

We updated our Manage Shipping admin settings to align with DHL’s most current requirements. If you’re using DHL as your shipping account, brand admins should update your new DHL credentials in NuORDER by going to Settings > Brand Admin > Settings > Manage Shipping.

DHL shipping information.

For more information, see Manage shipping.

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